IPC House

Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4

Basement excavation and groundworks for 7 storey high reinforced concrete framed office building

MAC Group

Main Contractor:


Earthworks and rock excavation | Substructures | Drainage, tanks and utilities

Design Team:

Architect: RKD Architects

Engineer: Garland

Key Features:

Identifying, exposing and diverting all existing services found within site boundary

Obstruction probing (slabs, foundations, walls removed)

1800m2, 300mm deep piling mat installed and attendance to 2 no. piling rigs

364no. piles cropped and grinded (secant pile wall)

11,000m3 reduce level excavation of site including the breakout of rock up to 10m below existing road level

Design and install of temporary propping (40m). 6m long trench sheets installed, braced with steel whalers and hydraulic raking props

150m of below slab drainage including petrol interceptor and welded pumped main

Project works were completed on program despite the logistical constraints of working within the Dublin 4 area which experiences high volumes of pedestrians and traffic. The compact nature of the site also posed logistical challenges during the removal of excavated material.