MSD Biotech

Drynam Road, Swords, Co.Dublin

Groundworks and site finishes to new and existing steel frame buildings of a combined area of 260,000sq foot.

L&S Structures

Main Contractor:


Earthworks | Substructures | Drainage, tanks and utilities | Roads and carparks

Design Team:

Architect: PM Group

Engineer: PM Group

Key Features:

9706m3 reduce level excavation

9700m3 excavation of foundations for building and pile caps

15520m3 of hardcore placed as fill below structures

1835m3 of concrete fill placed below foundations

Excavation and backfill of all internal trenches for new complex double contained process drainage

560m of under slab drainage installed

1700m of radon pipe installed below slab

2282m of double contained process drainage installed 1.5m to 3m deep (stainless steel and polypropylene)

350m of underslab ducting, 1000m of earthing

Completion of all finishes works including duting , kerbing , footpaths, brick paving and roadways

All internal works were completed under strict conditions. A combination of electric plant and diesel plant modified with DPF filters were used to complete all internal works