St Vincent’s University Hospital Redevelopment

Nutley Lane, Dublin 4

Site Development, Substructures and External Works for major new hospital expansion, multi- storey carpark and breast check clinic

Michael McNamara & Co.


Substructures |  External Works

Key Features:

Works carried out in a live hospital environment, working to maintain live services and dealing with traffic management

110,000m3 reduce level excavation and disposal off-site

Substructures for new multi-storey main hospital building including main entrance, public circulating area and operating theatres on upper floors. Structure with 5 floors over basement (33,600m2)

Substructures for new multi-storey car park for 750 cars (14,700m2)

Substructures for new multi-storey hospital ward building with 4 floors over basement (12,000m2)

Substructures for new Breast Check clinic over 2 floors (1,100m2)

9,500m3 of hardcore placed as fill below floors, roads and car park.

1,500m of surface & foul water drainage from 150mm – 600mm diameter. 5.0 Km of MV and LV ducting.

7,000m2 of new roads and pavings